Confidence: 19 Entrepreneurs share their Advice on Building Self Confidence for Women in Business [INFOGRAPHIC]

19 Entrepreneurs share with us their amazing wisdom in building confidence for women in business [INFOGRAPHIC].

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Building Self Confidence for Women in Business

Just believe in yourself. Even if you don’t, pretend that you do and, at some point, you will.

~ Venus Williams

You have been courageous enough to make the decision to turn your skill or passion into a business so you can be there for your children unlike your 9-5 daily job, which leaves you with little flexibility. There is nothing like the feeling of being present for that important football match that they really wanted you to be at, taking care of them when they fall sick or being home to listen to all their stories when they get back from school. Building your own business gives you the flexibility to do all of that and more. All of this sounds great but being a mother in business is tough work. It takes a lot of self- confidence and the right attitude to keep it all together. Sometimes, life can get the better of you and you can feel the momentum slowing down, your self-confidence dropping low and the monster of self-doubt rearing its ugly head.

You are here now reading this post, if you think you need a boost of confidence.

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Below is an Infographic on the 19 Tips on Building Self Confidence for Women in Business

Building Self Confidence for Women in Business MothersJoint Infographic

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Now picture this: You are on the market to buy a product and you have

  • One business woman talking to you confidently about her product and how it is the best fit for your need and assures you about how you will to look no further; and
  • another nervous lady pitching to you about her similar product sounding apologetic and unsure.

Who would you want to buy from?

Obviously the confident one!

A confident person easily manages to influence people around them; their audience, their customers, their friends, etc. Gaining people’s confidence almost always translates to success which is why CONFIDENCE is considered the key to success.

Are you generally a confident person? Let’s take a look at the infographic below to see where you place yourself.

Being Confident VS Feeling insecure Mothers Joint Infographic

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As you can see above, confident people tend to be more positive and have a better go at being successful in their personal and professional lives.

Confidence is not just about holding your head high, talking clearly or sounding sure. Though these are traits of confident people there is more to confidence that just what appears on the outside. There is no quick fix for confidence, but if you’ve embarked on a journey to finding a more confident you, the good news is you are one step closer to success than everybody else as confidence is built from within.

Tips on building Self-Confidence

Here are some great pointers from entrepreneurial women that you can implement in your daily lives to build a more confident you.

1) De-clutter Negative Self Talk [Click to Tweet]

Negative self-talk does nobody any good. It only makes you feel inadequate and low. Negative thoughts translate to negative actions. Eliminating negative feelings and thoughts as they form in your mind will help you feel better about yourself on the long run.

Angela  |  @setmyintention  |

Angela Angela tells us that we often put ourselves into a box. “I do this – I don’t do that. I can do this – I could never do that.” Her approach to breaking free of the limits she has set for herself is through decluttering negative self-talk. She suggests changing your inner monologue from self-doubt to focusing on the next step instead of the whole difficult journey ahead which could be overwhelming and make you want to quit. Taking it one step at a time and the small successes that come with it motivates you to keep going.  She recommends countering negative beliefs by taking on challenges that interest and intimidate you. You could surprise yourself.

2) Accept Limitations [Click to Tweet]

"The enemy of art is the absence of limitations." ~ Orson Wells

We all have our imperfections and limitations. The best way to overcome them is to accept limitations and embrace ourselves for who we are. If you know your limitations, whatever they may be, you can be better prepared to choose your battles and win it. Most of us who struggle with confidence issues tend to say that I’m naturally an introvert, so I find it hard to project myself as a confident outgoing person.

Helen Edwards |  @Helen_Creates  |


Helen has an amazing quote to share.

There is no such thing as a pure introvert or extrovert. Such a person would be in the lunatic asylum. [Click to Tweet]

She explains that we all fall somewhere on the scale between introvert and extrovert. It is perceived that introverts are shy and keep to themselves so the odds of them being successful like the high powered extroverts are not so high. That is actually not true. According to Helen, whether you are an introvert or an extrovert depends on what charges your batteries. While introverts can get drained by too much social time without corresponding alone time, extroverts can get exhausted working all by themselves and need lots of social interaction. Wherever you fall on the personality scale, the secret to staying confident is knowing your limitations and preparing ahead to suit your needs.

Take this test from to find out where you sit on the personality scale and create strategies to keep your batteries charged.

3) Stop comparing and Start Focusing on your strengths [Click to Tweet]

Heather Corinne Lang  |  @HeatherCLang  |


Heather says on that every one of us is blessed with our own unique strengths and abilities. When we compare ourselves with others, we only end up looking past our special abilities and coveting others strengths. We must all learn to focus on our passions, discover our unique abilities and strengthen them. This exercise will help you understand, appreciate and share who you are thus building a more confident you.

4) Be kind to yourself [Click to Tweet]

Being kind to yourself is essential for your happiness and self-esteem.

Sharon Salzberg  |  @SharonSalzberg  |


Sharon asks us on to imagine the amount of energy we spend every day worrying about the future, fretting over our past, comparing ourselves to others and being judgemental and rude to ourselves. She suggests using all of that energy to being kind to yourself and taking delight in your own goodness. This will definitely bring us so much positivity and happiness.

5) Forgive and let go [Click to Tweet]

Lesya Li  |  @havingtime  |


Lesya tells us that we all have a story behind what/who affected our confidence levels.  The secret to gaining our self-esteem and confidence back is to ‘forgive and let go’. She suggests that we reminisce the past events that have affected us and forgive ourselves and the events/ people who we think have wronged us. She says that forgiveness will give you freedom from old self-limiting beliefs and thoughts. This is definitely easier said than done. So, if you do have a negative thought come up now and then, don’t let it get you down. Try to acknowledge it, let it go and focus on your goals instead.

6) Self-Love [Click to Tweet]

Self-love is a mantra. In a world where you are constantly exposed to high expectations and standards of body image, success, strength, etc it is hard to love yourself.  Hence, you need to practise the self-love mantra daily. With self-love comes self-confidence. You must learn to appreciate and love yourself despite all the imperfections that make you the beautiful person that you are.

Nitika Chopra  |  @NitikaChopra  |

Nitika Chopra

Nitika recommends that everybody create their own self-love ritual. Her ritual is to unplug from technology and moisturize her skin with an intention of gratitude to her body. She also suggests that making a ‘What’s working for me’ list is a great idea to acknowledge all the positivity in your life. Once you see all that positivity jotted down, it will make it that much easier to love yourself.

7) Strengthen your foundations of love [Click to Tweet]

Angelina Zimmerman  |  @Effervescent4u  |

Angelina Zimmerman

Angelina expresses that Self-love, Self- confidence and Self-respect are together called the foundations of love. Everybody possesses these traits to varying degrees but highly successful women who we look up to as role models have very solid foundations. Women who have unstable foundations feel limited in their ability to live the life they want to. She advises that the key to achieving success in all areas of life is to strengthen your foundations of love.

8) Alter your body language [Click to Tweet]

It is widely accepted that our body language influences how we ourselves and others form opinions about us which directly affects our confidence levels. There is new evidence to suggest that our body postures cause the release of two hormones; testosterone which is linked to power and dominance and cortisol which is linked to stress levels. In short, outward postures such as expanding the chest, broadening shoulders etc which make us appear bigger, increase testosterone and reduces cortisol levels making us feel less stressed out and more confident. The opposite happens with inward postures such as hunching our shoulders or crossing out arms.

Susan Jones  |  @ReadySetStartup  |


Based on the above evidence Susan from has some great suggestions. She says that you can use your body language to bring about a positive mood when you need to and you can effectively train yourself to be more confident by practising confident postures.  Isn’t that brilliant? She also has some tips for how you can go about using this new evidence to boost your confidence levels.

  • Ask friends to give you feedback about your body language
  • Start checking your postures in different scenarios to assess your body language
  • Practise some powerful postures and note how that makes you feel

9) Make a list [Click to Tweet]

Lynn Bardowski  |  @LynnBardowski  |

Lynn Bardowski

There is nothing like hand written list to serve as a reminder. Lynn from suggests making a list of all the awesome achievements in our lives including every single ribbon, medal, award, milestone and positive impact that our lives have made on another human being. Now use this list to remind yourself how awesome you are.

10) Write down confidence boosting quotes [Click to Tweet]

Gretchen  |  @ThatMamaG  |


Gretchen says writing is a powerful tool to boost confidence. She suggests writing down quotes that inspire you and framing them so you can read them over and over again.

Looking for Inspiration? Click on Empowering and Inspirational Quotes from Women Entrepreneurs to see more than 40 Entrepreneurial women share their inspiring quotes.

11) Empower yourself [Click to Tweet]

If you want to boost confidence there is nothing like empowering yourself with the right skills and abilities, so you can start doing the things you’ve wanted to do all this while. There are plenty of ways to empower yourself- studying, networking, researching, meeting different people, visiting new places, reading, etc. Empowering oneself could mean a lot of different things to different people.

Barrie Davenport  |  @coachBarrie |


Barrie has this fascinating idea of what truly empowering oneself is. She articulates that self-empowerment is taking personal responsibility- accepting complete control and responsibility for one’s own life and circumstances. This essentially means you let go of the “old you” and choose to be authentically yourself; making your own decisions and accepting responsibility for the actions that result from it. This empowers you to live according to your own personal values and free from the anxiety of living up to other’s expectations.

12) Develop the right mindset [Click to Tweet]

Tehmina Zaman  |  @EpreneurTV  |


Tehmina writes that the ‘right mindset’ is an often over looked yet most powerful rule of success.  She believes that our thoughts are only thing that separates success from failure. Thoughts can either limit your potential or power your success. She has three simple pointers for how you can develop the right mindset:

  • Create a vision and be clear about what you want to achieve
  • Cultivate a positive attitude as negative thoughts can bring you down
  • Seek out inspiring people- they will inspire you to greatness.

13) Practice gratitude [Click to Tweet]

We are constantly bombarded with occasions to recognize our shortcomings and inadequacies. If we don’t mindfully look at the positives and practice gratitude we can get carried away in the overwhelming wave of depression and low self-esteem.

Fay Agathangelou  |  @FayALifeCoach  |


Fay explains on that negative thoughts can distort our reality. She suggests that having gratitude is a way of making the good things visible as there are always positives, even if you don’t see them right now. She has some good tips to help you practice gratitude:

  • At the end of each day, write down a list of three things that you are grateful for. Alternatively, start a gratitude journal and commit to write in it every day.
  • Be mindful of your surroundings, appreciate experiences and what is around you.

14) Self-improvement - Set yourself up for success [Click to Tweet]

You need to think you are a successful entrepreneur to really be successful. Whatever it is that you do, try and practise a little bit of it each day to increase your competence at it, so you feel more confident about your ability to deliver.

Leslie Auman  |  @thewholelifebal  |


Leslie recommends making a plan to achieving your goals and holding yourself accountable so you reach that goal. She says that is important to know your limits and sensibly set realistic goals that align well with your financial capability and skill set. Leslie also adds that none of us are perfect so if you make a mistake or regress; just be kind to yourself, tell yourself that it is okay and jump right back on track.

15) Learn to say NO [Click to Tweet]

Focus is about saying no

~ Steve Jobs

It is actually counterproductive when you are trying to please everybody by saying yes to every request. Being assertive is important for your self-esteem.

Jess Lively  |  @TheEverygirl_  |


Jess says that we are proactive individuals who must decide what we do with our time, attention and talent. If you do have trouble deciding whether you must agree or politely decline, she suggests asking yourself if the request makes you feel excited or helps you further your goals.

16) Celebrate your successes [Click to Tweet]

Nicola Semple  |  @nsemple  |


Nicola tells us that working by yourself can get lonely. So it is a good idea to find a group of like-minded ladies who ‘get’ what you are doing who will celebrate your successes with you and have your back when things go downhill for you. When you have little successes in your business shout it out to them so you feel more confident about the value you offer to your customers.

17) Support network [Click to Tweet]

Building a strong social support network is essential as it helps you strengthen your interpersonal skills and improves your ability to connect meaningfully with others.

Homaira Kabir  |  @HomairaKabir  |

Homaira Kabir

Homaira Kabir ( believes that surrounding yourselves with friends and family that genuinely wish the best for you and cheers you along the way, gives rise to real confidence and a beaming attitude.

18) Find a meaningful purpose [Click to tweet]

The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.

~ Mark Twain

How profound is this quote? Finding a meaningful purpose to your life challenges your mind and kindles your heart.

Ruth Bowers  |  @theacornstash  |


Ruth says that everybody has a purpose in life and has been gifted with talents to achieve their purpose. She thinks one reason why there are so many unhappy people is because they aren’t trying to fulfill their purpose.

19) Get close to God (If you are religious) [Click to Tweet]

Believing in a higher power opens your soul to the splendour of belief and trust. Reaching out to God if you are a religious person makes you feel stronger and resilient in a psychological space which in turn boosts self-confidence. 

Jen  |  @stults6  |


Jen says she sometimes wishes she could go back to being the confident, leader-of-the-pack happy second grader that she was. Changing schools often left its mark on her; some good and some, not so good. She began to hide her true self away in favour of a person who would be accepted by others. In the process she lost her identity and self-confidence. As a grown up Jen has found that the best way to build confidence and stay free of others expectations is to turn to God. By focussing on her maker and her true purpose she has learnt to tune out the world and bring back the happy and confident second grader that she was.

Good luck on your journey to finding a more confident you!

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