Empowering and Inspirational Quotes from Women Entrepreneurs

Empowering and Inspirational Quotes from 40 Women Entrepreneurs to Inspire Entrepreneurial Women.

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Inspirational Quotes

The balancing act of being a parent and running a business is hard work especially when you have young children. So there are bound to be days when everything can be overwhelming and doubts can surface. On days when I’m having trouble seeing the cup half full rather than half empty, I quickly remind myself that all I need is a good dose of motivation and spend a few minutes googling for words of wisdom from now successful women who have previously treaded the same difficult path as me.

As a mother in business, I derive inspiration from all the little things my life can offer me; the sweet kisses I get from my kids as soon as they wake up, the feeling of being connected with nature during my early morning walk with the pram. Even the incoming mail notifications and to-do lists kind of inspire me as it means that I have work to attend. Over the years, I've bookmarked a few quotes that have kept me going when the going has been tough.

While pondering over an idea for my first blog post, it struck me that the best inspiration I could share was my collection of these uplifting quotes. I got in touch with all these amazingly successful women who took the time off from their busy schedules to reply back to me with a few words of encouragement and love; the act itself was inspirational. Hope you too find inspiration in them as I did. 

Wise words from Entrepreneurs

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You can always make more money, but you can never make more time. Use your time wisely. [Click To Tweet] Tina Wells

By Tina Wells  |  buzzmg.com  |  @tinacwells

Only when we change our thinking can we change our future. [Click To Tweet]  Carmen Harra

By Carmen Harra  |  CarmenHarra.com  |  @HarraCarmen

Freedom truly happens when you come to the realization that you can let go of all of those who weigh you down. - Sheila Burke [Click To Tweet]  Sheila Burke

By Sheila Burke  |  ZensationalLiving.com  |  @BeZensational

I try to wake up each day and put one foot in front of the other. Over and over again. It started as a running mantra but fits every aspect of my life. I have big dreams and lofty goals but the only way I've found to be successful is to take lots of little steps and eventually, they lead me to where I'm going! [Click To Tweet]Katy Widrick

By Katy Widrick  |  KatyWidrick.com  |  @kwidrick

The intention sets the context, the universe sends opportunities. Thus, we open up the scope of possibilities.Lilou Mace  [Click To Tweet]

By Lilou Mace  |  LilouMace.com  |  @liloumace

Looking forward keeps us on the right path. Only look back when you need to remember how far you've come. [Click To Tweet] Sheri Bessi

By Sheri S. Bessi  |  theothersideofugly.com  |  @sheribessi

Even the strong cry sometimes, we just don’t let you see it. [Click To Tweet] Desiree Miller

By Desiree Miller  |  StressFreeBaby.com  |  @DesireeMiller

Good things are all around you every minute of every day — you just have to start to notice them. [Click To Tweet]  Debbie Hampton

By Debbie Hampton  |  TheBestBrainPossible.com  |  @dlhampton

And if the rain is to blame, well who knows how long I might have to wait? [Click To Tweet]  Lynda Field

By Lynda Field  |  LyndaField.com  |  @lyndafieldcoach

See the day as obstacle free with only possibilities. [Click To Tweet]  Betsy Henry

By Betsy Henry  |  zen-mama.com  |  @thezenmama

The difference between who you were and who you want to be is what you do today. Keep going. [Click To Tweet] Shannon Kaiser

By Shannon Kaiser  |  Playwiththeworld.com  |  @ShannonLKaiser

One little step is sometimes all you got. Let it be enough. [Click To Tweet] Shawne Duperon

 By Shawne Duperon  |  Shawnetv.com  |  @ShawneTV

Rename your bills "invoices for blessings already received."  [Click To Tweet]  Kate Northrup

By Kate Northrup  |  KateNorthrup.com  |  @katenorthrup

Even if you're on the right track, don't just stand there. You've got to keep moving forward or you'll get left behind.[Click To Tweet]  Rebecca Box

By Rebecca Fox  |  SoulVisionHealing.com  |  @SoulVisionHeals

A rejection isn't a failure, it isn't the end. It's a cosmic course-correction, a new beginning. [Click To Tweet] Kimberly Jones

By Kimberly Jones  |  KimberleyJones.com  |  @shiftandshine

If you try to do everything you may find yourself unable to do anything. [Click To Tweet] Christine Morgan

By Christine Morgan  |  worthandwisdom.com  |  knowmyworth.com

If you never ask, you never allow the opportunity for a Yes! [Click to Tweet] Erin Whitehead
Never compare your first draft to someone else's final draft. [Click to Tweet] 

By Erin Whitehead  |  ManyKindRegards.com  |  @erinwhitehead

Failure is nothing more than a chance to revise your strategy. [Click To Tweet]  Sizzy Gavrilaki
Take every chance; even the one that has not been given. [Click To Tweet]
Tomorrow will be better if you do something about it today. [Click To Tweet]
Grand dreams require grand effort. [Click To Tweet]
"Why? and "Why not?" should always be asked together. [Click To Tweet]

By Sissy Gavrilaki  |  QuoteandQuote.com


Trust yourself. Nobody knows you and your business like you. [Click To Tweet]  Dorothy K
Keep your eyes on the goal ahead and on the next step. Don't try to imagine the whole road. [Click To Tweet]

By Dorothy Krajewski  |  DorothyK.com.au  |  @DK_writes

When you're chasing your dreams it's not your audience you have to convince that you can do it. It's you! [Click To Tweet] Natasha Vanzetti

By Natasha Vanzetti  |  NatashaVanzetti.com

Don't you dare apologize for the way you see the world. Your perspective is your gift!  [Click To Tweet] Kelly Burch

By Kelly Burch  |  KellyBurch.com.au  |  @KellyLBurch

Everybody’s got a song to sing, a story to write about and a plot to act out. Why not make your drama the next best seller? 
You may not be the star, but that shouldn't stop you from putting on a good show.  [Click To Tweet] Terri

By Terri Huggins  |  TerrificWords.com

It's all about perspective. If you can't see the solution, change your angle of approach. [Click To Tweet] Sand Mew

By Sand Mew  |  FullCircleLifeStyle.com.au  |  @sand_mew

Often the best answers come to us when we take a moment to just sit still.[Click To Tweet]Katrina Mayer
You can't help lift someone up if you let them pull you down. [Click To Tweet] 

By Katrina Mayer  |  KatrinaMayer.com

Anything ‘worth it’ requires patience and commitment. [Click To Tweet] Tara Mullarkey

By Tara Mullarkey  |  TaraMullarkey.com  |  @TaraMullarkey

There's no easy way to box up the life you have in order to start a new one that doesn’t exist yet. [Click To Tweet] Sarah Woehler

By Sarah Woehler  |  ablissfulinterlude.com  |  @SarahWoehler10

Kindness is contagious, and often can be passed on through something as simple as a smile. [Click To Tweet] Kaia Roman

By Kaia Roman  |  KaiaRoman.com  |  @kaiaroman

If it were easy to change, we would all be enlightened masters at this point, for we would be able to follow through on practicing the actions we know are good for us.Sheryl Paul

By Sheryl Paul  |  Conscious-Transitions.com  |  @consciousbride

The only people miracles don’t happen to are those who refuse to see them. [Click To Tweet] Lindsey Lewis

By Lindsey Lewis  |  LibreLiving.com  |  @lindsey_lewis

Seek stories everywhere. [Click To Tweet] Katherine Kotaw

By Katherine Kotaw  |  KotawContentMarketing.com  |  @KatherineKotaw

There are always lessons in your struggles, and good things that come from bad times. Just take one step at a time, and you will find your way.Andrea Schulman

By Andrea Schulman  |  RaiseYourVibrationToday.com  |  @Vibration1111

In the space between success and failure lies the willingness to try. [Click To Tweet] Becky Vollmer

By Becky Vollmer  |  youarenotstuck.com  |  @youarenotstuck

When you're bringing heart and soul and love into the equation, suddenly things read differently. [Click To Tweet] Becky Walsh

By Becky Walsh  |  BeckyWalsh.com  |  @beckywalshcom

All of the information, all the books, the readings, the workshops, all the a-ha moments won't change your life unless you put actions behind them.Eileen Anglin

By Eileen Anglin  | EileenAnglin.com  |  @Eileen__Smith

One of the greatest discoveries we make is to find out that we can do what we were always afraid of not being able to do when we take a chance on ourself.Bhavya Gaur

By Bhavya Gaur  |  KindredSoulzs.com  |  @kindredsoulzs

Inspiration meets you halfway.. you have to reach up to find it! [Click To Tweet] Cat Knot

By Cat Knott  |  Action-Alchemy.com  |  @ActionAlchemy

Some things can never be avoided, no matter how hard we try, and we cannot know the future. However, we can always improve the odds.   Wendy Staton

By Wendy Staton  |  theartofwhynot.com  |  @wendyrstaton

BELIEVING in yourself, your goal, and in forces both seen and unseen will see you through every time. [Click To Tweet] Barbara Edie

By Barbara Edie  |  BarbaraEdie.com  |  @barbaraedie

Seeing all possibilities in life is all about your vantage point. [Click To Tweet]  Margaret B Moss

By Margaret B. Moss  |  Collected Writing  |  Life's a Dance  |  @Margaret_B_Moss

Fear not, as soon as you’re over the mountain, there will be a valley. [Click To Tweet]  Bianca van Meeuwen

By Bianca van Meeuwen  |  biancavanmeeuwen.com.au  |  @bvanmeeuwen

Speed of implementation is a key dictator of success. Therefore get your offer out there even if it isn’t perfect.[Click To Tweet]  Jane Copeland

By Jane Copeland  |  CopingwithJane.comWebcelebformula.com  |  @CopingwithJane

You are amazing and when you believe it you will attract people who treat you as if you are, too! [Click To Tweet] Anna Taylor

By Anna Taylor  |  Anna-Taylor.co.uk @annataylors

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