Hello Super Mums!

I'm Zahra, a mum to two cheeky munchkins. Before I had my boys, life was busy, fast paced and all about working so I could save up enough to have fun; comfortably hang out with the girls, do all the shopping I desired and take amazing holidays every year. The only thing that resembles my previous life as I like to call it now are the words busy and fast paced. Wake up every morning (whether you are ready or not) as soon as the littlies wake up - do the daily morning drill - make and feed lunch - play - nap time a.k.a work time - play, dinner - bedtime. I didn't really know what busy was before I became a mum. By the time my tired body hits the bed, I'm oscillating between guilt about whether or not am being the best mum to my kids and about how my work is suffering on days when I can't pull myself away from the boys to squeeze in work time. 

If you are a mum that works or runs your business you can probably relate to my story right?

Juggling parenting and running a successful business is a gig for super mums. Achieving that perfect balance is a dream that I still haven't mastered. I'm learning from my past mistakes and failures and celebrating with mocktails for little steps that I have been able to take forward thanks to super supportive ladies, I've met along my way.

We all need fellow mums just like us who can inspire and motivate us so we can stay motivated to achieve our dreams while working in our pyjamas at home.   

We are the role models that will shape beautiful little minds. We are the inspiration through which our kids will aspire. We are the motivation that will bring about a successful future generation. So, we need to stay inspired and motivated to go chasing our dreams. Over the years of trying hard to hit the secret formula to success (still trying wink ) and interacting with other lovely mums, I’ve realized that we can still be great parents while running a successful business if we could all support and motivate each other on our paths. I plan to facilitate this on Mothers Joint by giving you bite-sized chunks of information and inspiration sourced from among you that we can fit into our busy schedules. The crucial element is to stay consistent and this is what we plan to do on Mothers Joint.  We will enhance your journey of motherhood where you go from being a fun mommy your awesome kids adore to a driven successful business woman.

Here is how it works: Every month, we will choose ONE topic that will give you the results you want from your daily lives and businesses. Once a fortnight for that month, we will mail you an actionable inspiring article related to that topic. We will source inspiration from among you so it will be relevant to you. Together we mums can empower one another. This is a free service and you can unsubscribe at any time.

The topics could be as simple as tips to create a great workplace at home or could be about the secrets of successful social media marketing that has worked for the  more successful ones among us. I promise it won't take you more than 10 minutes of your precious time each week to scan through our highly researched and actionable articles and pick a tip or two that you can apply to your daily lives and businesses. 

If you would like to join our tribe of super mums, come join us at Mothers joint. Inspire others and be inspired!