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Mothers Joint is where super mums support and inspire each other. It is all about your word, your journey. Join us to inspire women to pursue their passion while being the best mums to their children. We are the place where mums can get answers, and the results they want from their daily lives and businesses.

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  • Once you’ve decided to go down the entrepreneurial way, the question whether you need to hire a business coach or not constantly looms around the corner of your mind. According to experts, even already successful entrepreneurs benefit from hiring a business coach. Most entrepreneurs are passionate about their work and work hard day after day trying to build a successful business. When so much focus is on every little detail like website, marketing content, networking, social media etc. an extra pair of trained eyes is all it takes to give you a reality check an...

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  • Being a business mum has to be the most fulfilling lifestyle in the world! We’re doing what we love to do and looking after the precious people we’ve brought into this world. Or so the story goes…

    While images of wiping floors and cleaning baby bums before donning on a business suit and flying out to launch a creative product might seem like the ideal balance that satisfies the “business” and the “mum” in us, we know that for the most part reality plays out differently. We are plagued by guilt when away and by a sense of missing out when at h...

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  • Petra Monaco  |  @petramonaco  |

    I was raised in foster care since I was 2 years old. During that time, I lived in two group homes and one foster family. During that time, I experienced physical, emotional and sexual abuse by the people who were supposed to love and take care of me. I became a rebellious adolescent and tried to fit in with the wrong crowd. At the age of 16, I emancipated and moved in with my biological mother and worked as a veterinarian assistant. I moved to the US from Germany when I was 18.

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  • Just believe in yourself. Even if you don’t, pretend that you do and, at some point, you will.

    ~ Venus Williams

    You have been courageous enough to make the decision to turn your skill or passion into a business so you can be there for your children unlike your 9-5 daily job, which leaves you with little flexibility. There is nothing like the feeling of being present for that important football match that they really wanted you to be at, taking care of them when they fall sick or being home to listen to all thei...

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  • The balancing act of being a parent and running a business is hard work especially when you have young children. So there are bound to be days when everything can be overwhelming and doubts can surface. On days when I’m having trouble seeing the cup half full rather than half empty, I quickly remind myself that all I need is a good dose of motivation and spend a few minutes googling for words of wisdom from now successful women who have previously treaded the same difficult path as me.

    As a mother in business, I derive inspiration from all the little things my life can of...

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